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Project Poshan

Supporting the nutritional requirement of Multi drug resistant TB patient


Tuberculosis is one of major public health problem in India. TB can affect any age, caste or class but cases are mainly poor people and mostly men. Slum dwellers, tribal populations, prisoners and people already sick with compromised immune systems are over-represented among the cases, compared to their numbers in the population. Children comprise 40% of the population but are currently under-diagnosed in India.


Project Poshan aims to provide nutritional support & education to the patients of drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR/XDR) from 3 states of India. As compared to other TB virus, Drug resistant TB has frequently been encountered in India and its presence has been known virtually from the time anti TB drugs were introduced for the treatment of TB. If a person has drug resistant TB it means that their illness will not respond to at least one of the main TB drugs. Our Aim is to supplement at least half of energy requirement and 2/3rd of protein requirement during first 6-9 months of treatment in their Intensive Phase.


The nutrition are provide to underprivileged families who are struggling to cope up with the medical expense. In most of the families, it’s the earning member who has been affected by TB and the family has sharply fallen into poverty because of it.