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Our History

Doctors for You was Established in 2007 by doctors, medical students and like-minded people with a vision of “Health for all” and to become an outstanding organization in the delivery of medical and humanitarian aid to all, Doctors for You (DFY); a humanitarian organization based in India, has demonstrated pioneering work in community based disaster risk reduction, public health, training and disaster emergency response. DFY, since its inception in 2007, has been involved extensively with vulnerable communities in the six states of India providing efficient, effective and equitable dis- tribution of health care for all. The thrust of DFY’s work is to provide medical relief, sustainable healthcare services, capacity building and risk reduction activities in crisis and non-crisis situations. The organisation also received several awards viz. The SAARC Award (2010) for its 'Outstanding contribution to humanitarian works in the aftermath of the disasters’, and The British Medical Journal Group Award (2011) for the 'Best Medical team in crisis zone'. Presently, the organization is expanding in terms of its staff and operation with increasing volume of registered volunteers with the organisation who are ever ready to support in situations of crisis following a major disaster. DFY is also engaged in developing Disaster Management, Emergency and Trauma care ser- vices along with Training and Capacity building programmes throughout India.

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