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Jammu & Kashmir Violence 2016


The recent escalation of violence in the valley raises the concern due to increased burden of medical emergencies on the health system, given the high levels of shortages of medicines, medical disposables and local requirements. Health services in the Kashmir region are overloaded amid severe shortages in medicines and doctors due to the ongoing violence since 8th July 2016. The pregnant women, patients with chronic diseases and injured during conflicts all are facing challenges.


The common people are suffering due to the food scarcity, transport issues, communication issues, medicine shortages, non-functional health facilities or overloaded health facilities. Since the markets are shut with ongoing curfew, there is high need for dignity kits as well as food supplements among locals. It is extremely important to support the victims of violence during this time. Considering the situation, DFY has planned a humanitarian response and appeals to the donors for financial as well as material support (hygiene kits, dignity kits, food supplements, medicines etc.)