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Cardic Campaign

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Amita Cardic Campaign

Mrs. Amita is fighting to survive after her body started rejecting the new heart transplanted into her. She had a cardiac transplant on 28th April 2016. The life appeared normal after the transplantation but within six months, her body had started rejecting the new heart and she is completely bed ridden since then.

Amita, a lady who is full of life and had been working for various social causes and as research assistant with National commission of woman is currently fighting for her survival. Her husband was running a boutique but Amita’s illness made him sell the boutique for her treatment. Currently, the family does not have any earning member and it is difficult for them to regularly buy her monthly medication.

Amita Cardic Campaign

In the month of February, she had stopped taking her medication due to the financial stress which proved life threatening for her and she was admitted in the hospital for a month. The doctors have suggested her to religiously take her medication for treating the heart rejection. She has to take regular medication for a long period of time and the monthly cost of medicine comes around 11000 to 12000 INR. The annual medication of Amita will be around 1,44000 INR.

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