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3. Doctors For You Assam successfully conducted mass casualty handling training for paramedics and nurses in the ongoing Emergency Management Exercise in Sivasagar, Assam    |  2. World Disability Day program was observed by MRVC-DFY centre at Lallubhai compound on 3rd December 2015.   |  1. DFY Kashmir has completed the construction of 60 toilet units under its CII sponsored rehabilitation project in Bandipora district.   |  

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Kashmir: The recent escalation of violence in the valley raises the concern due to increased burden of medical emergencies on the health system, given the high levels of shortages of medicines, medical disposables and local requirements. Health services in the Kashmir region are overloaded amid severe shortages in medicines and doctors due to the ongoing violence since 8th July 2016. The pregnant women, patients with chronic diseases and injured during conflicts all are facing challenges.

The common people are suffering due to the food scarcity, transport issues, communication issues, medicine shortages, non functional health facilities or overloaded health facilities. Since the markets are shut with ongoing curfew, there is high need for dignity kits as well as food supplements among locals. It is extremely important to support the victims of violence during this time.

Considering the situation, DFY has planned a humanitarian response and appeals to the donors for financial as well as material support (hygiene kits, dignity kits, food supplements, medicines etc.)

For financial or material donations, please click : DONATE NOW or use below details for
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Bank account Name : DOCTORS FOR YOU Kashmir
Name of your Bank : HDFC, Hauz Khaz, New Delhi
Account Number : A/C N0- 50200009638762
Income tax / PAN Number : AAAJD0785H

INTERNATIONAL TRANSFER DETAILS (For non-India passport holders)
Account Name - Doctors For You
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FCRA Account Number - 0039104000349086
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Bringing the best health practices to rural bihar

Cardiotocography (CTG) machine is an established tool for monitoring wellbeing of an unborn baby. It is as essential as the stethoscope for an obstetrician. But due to cost, lack of awareness and lack of technical skill to interpret the graphs, it is rarely used in Bihar outside Patna city. One CTG test in Patna costs Rs 800!! The NMBT Center, Patna has started CTG monitoring of patients in their final month of pregnancy and during labour process.
Relatives and patients were thoroughly intrigued on hearing the heart sounds and seeing the graph on the monitor of their unborn child! It has given something tangible to be experienced by a mother apart from baby’s kicks and has reinforced in their minds the need for ANC checkups! It has been a great aid for the center in determining the fetal wellbeing and the need for prompt referral of high risk cases.

Educating the young girls on health & hygiene practices

Doctors For You, Tamilnadu conducted a health and hygiene promotion camp at Government Higher Secondary School in Tiruvallur District. The camp was about educating the students on how to wash hands properly, demonstration of hand wash techniques. General hygiene awareness, nutritional based awareness etc. Most importantly, the team discussed on how one should take care and avoid falling sicking in the post-flood scenario and the necessity to use clean water, importance of washing vegetables properly and keeping the surroundings clean. What seemed to be a routine day and routine camp for DFY had a bigger impact on the audience than expected.
For a group of 13 year old girls, it was the first experience of being educated in detail about the proper techniques of hand wash. The young girls were surprised to learn that it was important to take special care to wash between the fingers and under the nails as well, and importance of using soaps to get rid of germs. The girls mentioned that before this the only handwash practice they followed was to dip their hands in the water but now they have understood that not washing hands properly can lead to health issues.
The girls showed an excitement and eagerness to share the learnings with not just their families but with their neighbours as well. They were happy to have learned all the health and hygiene related practices and most importantly, the hand wash techniques. What may seem to be something as small and inconsequential to most, was the an important learning for these girls at the camp on the day.


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